Welcome to Bookstaves

Farewell, old blog of bad memories.

I have officially taken my old blog offline. If you were redirected here, below is the announcement about that blog’s retirement.

About nine months ago, I started working on a new project called Bookstaves. This project is still in its infancy, but Bookstaves will ultimately contain pieces on LA noir, art, film, architecture, poetry, photography, and literature. There will also be book reviews and, of course, haiku.

As a fifth generation Angeleno, the vibe will be a little LA-centric, and a lot eclectic. I have a great deal of content in the almost-ready-to-publish stage, so I decided to make the move official. I hope my regular, drama-free followers will find me here at Bookstaves. To the other five of you, well, this is not the place for you.

To Deborah: You have been the most steadfast friend I’ve ever had. Thank you for your endless encouragement and real talk. I have navigated some extreme bullshit this year and you are the reason I got through it in one piece. Thank you. I owe you a vacation in Hawaii.

To Lauren: Thank you for convincing me to take on this new project! You were the boost I needed, and I am eternally grateful. I hope you decide to contribute because you have some great ideas!

To Jeff: You may not know this, but you bring a positivity to my life that I never expected. Thank you for your friendship.

My hope is for Bookstaves to become a community. If you’re interested in contributing, send a page or two of your writing and a summary of your interests to bookstaves@gmail.com.

As always, thank you for reading. I appreciate your support and comments. I hope you stick around for something interesting.